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Started in 1948, with the aim of imparting high quality education in various fields of engineering and to experience unprecedented growth, LD College of Engineering is Ahmedabad’s premier engineering college. Located at the heart of the city, LDCE is affiliated with Gujarat Technical University, and is surrounded by elite organizations like PRL, ATIRA, ISRO, CEPT and IIM.

What is Sahitya Sarita ?

A Literature Fest

Sahitya Sarita is a benchmark literary fest organized by LDCE. In many years, this may be one of the very few Literature festivals conducted by a technical institution. Sahitya Sarita is a platform to showcase arts you dive in and feel the joy of each one of them. The sole and main purpose of Sahitya Sarita is to celebrate the awareness of literature, art and culture among the youth and specifically amongst the students of an engineering college. And we have been treated well. Since the first season to the upcoming ones we have been showered with love by eminent people like PRANAB MUKKHARJI, MORARI BAPU, VIJAY RUPANI, BHUPENDRASINH CHUDASAMA ,NARENDRA MODI, NITIN PATEL.


Called open by the Hon. Governor of Gujarat, Sir O P KOHLI, Mr. Bhagyesh Jha, Mr. Anil Mankad, Dr. GP Vadodaria, Dr. Chaitanya Sanghvi, This journey had begun. It was inaugurated on a green note with the exchange of holy basil or sacredly called the tulsi plant between the Hon Governor and principal sir. There were various events and competitions held. To name the events; Sahitya Goshthi, Vachikam, Samvad, and Sangeet Sandhya. And for the competitions; debating, Comedy, Quiz, Storytelling, Kavya Surbhi and Musharayo, Tahuko music competition, An elocution called Shabdo ne Sarname, a fascinating reading between the lines to a poem one called Parikalpana and lastly a drama and theatrical competition called Kalamanch

Sahitya Sarita 2018: SEASON 2

27 campus ambassadors and over 150 participants from all over Gujarat joined the CYCLE TOUR TO THE MOST CELEBRATED PARTS OF AHMEDABAD’S HISTORY, as an ode to the declaration of Ahmedabad as a world heritage city. It was called the Literature heritage cycle ride organized on 17th February 2018. To starting naming the events hosted; Inauguration ceremony hosted by Mr. Bhagyesh Jha , and thereby coming the sessions as Session1: “Between the lines” by Shree Dipak Soliya, Session2 “Jab kutte pe sassa aaya” by Shri Shubhash Bhrambhatt, Session3: performance by Paresh Vora, Session3: Inauguration of REVA the film, Session4: Kavi sammelan, Session4: “Sarjan ek chehra anek” by Jay Vassavda, Session5: “Engineer- Author and pioneer” by Bhushan Mehta, Session 6: “Bollywood to literature” by Ashok Dave, Session7: Poetry by Rajesh Vyas, and with a beautiful ending Session8: “Swag this Sangeet”  by Himali Vyas Nayak, Prahar Vora, Chintan Nayak and team.

Sahitya Sarita 2019: SEASON 3

With the divine blessings of Shree Morarai Bapu, the third season of Sahitya Sarita is organized with some more flavors of other art forms also. The third season of Sahitya Sarita will be special in a way that a huge platform will be given to all other art forms along with the Gujarati and Hindi literature. The competitions and sessions based on classical music, dance and tribal arts will take place. The sessions will be full of interesting talks of literature, culture, cinema, innovations, and motivation.

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Wonderful event, great efforts and excellent vision
- Dr Nimit Oza
The very first of its kind fest held in LD...A wonderful series of events for all the literature admirers...Had a beautiful time being a part of this event...Greatly managed and very well organised...Cheers to the whole committee of Sahitya Sarita'16...Hope many more seasons of this follows in the upcoming years of LDCE
- Himani Chauhan
બહુ મજા આવી હતી.આવુ આયોજન થતું રહેવું જોઈયે અભિનંદન
- Viral Desai